[IMG: The Tory Party - the party of democracy deniers who treat voters as 'Wallys'] The Tory party called the European Referendum in the first place to appease the right wing of the party and those right wingers who had either defected to UKIP or who were wavering. Subsequently, every... The post The Tory Party – the party of democracy deniers who treat voters as 'Wallys' appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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When I first visited Stamford there was a large disused goods yard between the railway station and the town. Desirable houses have now been built on that land and the disused signal box has been moved 200 yard east so it now stands next to the station. The box is being looked after and has a Facebook page. I took my own photograph of it today.

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HEB meeting held on Tuesday 19th June 2018 Key items of business: Council Tax Reduction Scheme Annual Review 17/18 – No changes to scheme required but set up Task & Finish Group to consider amendments to care leavers support and impact of inflation. Agreed. Beddington Village Conservation Area Appraisal - Community drafted appraisal to be used [...]

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Well, it's been quite a day, hasn't it? It takes you right back to 1990 and all the drama of Sir Geoffrey Howe's resignation- over Europe. Well, all the drama and none of the class. It remains to be seen whether the same fate befalls this Prime Minister as happened to Margaret Thatcher back then. . We now have a chaotic situation where the 50 or so Tory Brexiteers won't back a deal that looks anything like Theresa May's plan because it doesn't go far enough for them and a fairly huge swathe of Labour, the SNP and us won't ...

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Lib Dem Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine clearly doesn't envy Jeremy Hunt's task – even if he can't do any worse than his predecessor: Jeremy Hunt has been set a devastatingly low bar by his predecessor when it comes to basic competency, with him leaving a litany of errors in his wake. Hunt does, however, also face an impossible challenge when it comes to advocating for Britain around the world at a time when his Conservative government are doing huge damage to our economy and influence in their pursuit of Brexit. The public demand better from their government than the ...

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For the first time, as far as I recall, I have been quoted in my favourite newspaper. An article in the Shropshire Star (or at least on its website) looks at the drying up of the River Teme above Leintwardine, which has obliged the Environment Agency to rescue more than 700 trout and salmon. It ends by quoting the tweet of mine you can see above. Now read about Malcolm Saville and the pubs of Leintwardine.

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Mon 9th

Monday reading

Current Anno Mortis, by Rebecca Levene Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters Last books finished Weapons of Mass Diplomacy, by Abel Lanzac and Christophe Blain Newry Bridge, or Ireland in 1887 (Anonymous) The Bear and the Nightngale, by Katherine Arden The Way By Swann's, by Marcel Proust Next books "Slow Sculpture", by Theodore Sturgeon The Man Within My Head, by Pico Iyer

I'm spending much of the summer trying to write a book. A whole book solo this time. Eek. And not about politics. Double eek. More of that in the future. But for now with summer holiday season around, what are your recommendations for holiday reading for politically-interested fellow readers?

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A TravelSafe initiative to educate motorists on the dangers of parking in bus stops has been launched across Merseyside. The 12 month operation will see those who park in bus stops given the opportunity to appear before a 'court' of local school children acting as mini police, along with a retired magistrate and a person with a disability, who will explain the issues bus drivers face when they cannot access a bus stop safely. Those offenders who opt to go before the court will avoid prosecution. With thanks to Cllr. John Dodd and Merseytravel for the lead to this posting ...

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I have long thought that our male dominated society is to our mutual disadvantage so was taken by the posting below which I recently picked up on:- Quote from the article – 'The commemoration of important and trail-blazing women matters. It matters because if we don't do it then the subliminal impact of public art is to cement the patriarchal view that only men can ever achieve greatness.' I think that's spot on.

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South Glos Council will be carrying out road drainage repairs and improvements on the B4058, High Street, Winterbourne, for up to 6 months from Monday July 23rd. There will be two-way traffic lights and partial road closures that are bound to have a significant effect on this busy commuter route. Most of the time there will just be temporary traffic signals, but sometimes they will actually have to close the road, in which case diversions will be signed. The aim is to stop the periodic flooding that happens there. South Glos are holding a drop-in this Wednesday, 11 July, from ...

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A simple argument shows that in general the ratio formula for conditional probability cannot be the probability of the material conditional. But there is still controversy over both. Despite the undoubted success of probability theory in providing tools for inference, statistical analysis and decision making, there remain concerns about its foundations. A major concern is with the status of conditional probability and its relationship with logical implication (indicative conditoinal). In propositional logic material implication provide the formal concept. Although this is often glossed over in standard texts it is taken seriously by E. W. Adams. However his solution giving primacy ...

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My tweets

Sun, 12:35: Started Cycle with #cyclemeter at 12:35, on a new route, see https://t.co/eAfP8eXsq2, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me. Sun, 12:56: RT @AlbertoNardelli: when you get knocked out in the group stages and are still complaining weeks later https://t.co/Nj1PPOHgY1 Sun, 13:39: Lots of Pokemon hunters! (@ Kasteelpark Arenberg in Heverlee, Vlaams-Brabant) https://t.co/TGkeLJXtpb Sun, 13:43: Quarterfinals retrospective part two https://t.co/tkjGB7OcES Sun, 13:50: Finished Cycle with #cyclemeter, on a new route, time 21:12, distance 6,76 km, see https://t.co/eAfP8eXsq2, average 19,12. Sun, 16:05: RT @jasonomahony: Let's be honest: it says something that the EU can keep 27 countries broadly in step ...

For a long time now, people in Westminster have been speculating as to what might happen if David Davis was to resign, with the assumption that May's premiership couldn't survive it. I have always doubted that this was the case, and this morning I am more sure of that than ever. While it is technically possible this could set off a chain of events that ends with May vacating Number 10 pre-March 2019 – this is 2018, anything is possible – I think it is highly unlikely. For a start, Davis and his department had been sidelined by Downing Street ...

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For many years the Liberal Democrats have been supportive of initiatives to improve access to youth club services for our residents in Chiswick and Acton. The Southfield Ward Forum, which the Liberal Democrats chair, has funded W4 Youth on two occasions to help provide a range of activities for teenagers in the area such as football and table tennis. After many years of hearing about possible plans for a youth club on Southfield Rec, by surprise it appeared on the agenda of a Council meeting this week with no up-front briefing for Southfield ward Councillors to ask questions. This approach ...

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Jeremy Corbyn was the main speaker at a "Fair Tax Event" organised by PvdA (the Dutch Labour Party) in The Hague on Thursday 6th of July, the last day before the Dutch parliament went into its summer recess. The event was a clear attempt by PvdA to regain some leftist credentials and kudos, after most Labour voters and supported have concluded that PvdA, in its "two big parties" coalition (2012-'17) with Mark Rutte's VVD (NatLib; car-owner liberals), had abandoned those credentials and all its anti-VVD election rhetoric, in order to overcome the EMU Greek crisis and the EU migration crisis ...

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If you've driven down Shire Way in the last few days you may have seen the yellow "Proposed traffic scheme consultation" signs, but even if you've looked on the South Glos consultation web page it's not very easy to find. It's actually listed as "Yate Spur - Link to Central Yate" because it's to do with improving the access to the Yate Spur signed cycle route. The aim is to enhance safety for cyclists and encourage additional non-motorised journeys. The proposal is to put two advisory cycle lanes, each 1.5 metres wide, down Shire Way from the Rodford Way junction ...

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An investigation by the House of Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee into the aftermath of the Carillion collapse has produced a report that is a damning condemnation of the way that the UK Government handles outsourcing contracts and even of the practice itself. Let us not forget, that PFI, as it was then known, was enthusiastically embraced by New Labour, with Gordon Brown seeking to use it to deliver projects off the Treasury books, so as not to upset his fiscal rules, whilst at the same time passing on risk from the public sector to the contractor. However, ...

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President Trump will visit Europe for a NATO summit and a visit to the UK. Here is a text of what the US president should tell Europeans:, (Disclaimer: I realize that this text does not quite capture the tone of voice of President Trump! But, hey, I'm not his speechwriter.) The Western alliance is the [...] The post Don't put the world into aspic: what Trump should say when he gets here appeared first on Radix.

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23:59 A fascinating day comes to an end. We hope that you've enjoyed our coverage, and do continue the debate via the comments section. Goodnight from all at LDV! 21:34 And I think that that's it as far as the Cabinet and major posts go, as Geoffrey Cox becomes the new Attorney General. No women, very little new blood, but it looks as though the Brexit/Remain balance has been broadly maintained. It does feel like an administration limping from one crisis to the next, but like the grey skies over mid-Suffolk this evening, you can't rule out thunderstorms. And who's ...

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The Guardian web site has the opinion piece – see link above Electoral fraud on a possibly industrial scale is indeed chilling as it eats away at our democratic foundations. With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

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The overnight news that David Davis has resigned as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and that his junior Ministers, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman have gone with him, is the first public sign that the Chequers Accord is not the panacea that it was first thought to be. I'll be trying to keep up with developments here, but it may be that we are in a state of chaos. What larks, eh? But seriously, what does this mean for the Government and for Brexit? And how should Liberal Democrat's respond? Is it, as I would suggest, time ...

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In light of the Brexit Secretary's resignation this evening here are his sage words about referendums. There is a proper role for referendums in constitutional change, but only if done properly. If it is not done properly, it can be a dangerous tool. The Chairman of the Public Administration Committee, who is no longer in the Chamber, said that Clement Attlee—who is, I think, one of the Deputy Prime Minister's heroes—famously described the referendum as the device of demagogues and dictators. We may not always go as far as he did, but what is certain is that pre-legislative referendums of ...

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