On Tuesday, the Federal Board of the Liberal Democrats debated the re-adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Association definition of antisemitism. In 2016, Tim Farron MP, then Leader, stated in Parliament that the party had adopted this definition. He also noted the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Antisemitism in the UK. Since then the party has used the IHRA definition in complaints and discipline cases involving antisemitism. In coming to that decision, as you would expect, we had an informed debate, looking at the IHRA definition and its worked examples (which you can find here and other papers including ...

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Sometimes a veteran politician can find a way to make a statement into a big story, getting himself featured highly in all the news of the day as he talks about the importance of moderation in politics. Unfortunately for Vince Cable, today it was the turn of Tony Blair to get all the attention which meant Vince's well-trailed, heavily briefed and pre-leaked speech on the future of the Liberal Democrats is currently not featuring high up in any of the news today. And that indicates the depth of the hole the party is currently in. Even the party's leader announcing ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter:But there are worse places to live. There are much worse places right here in this U-Stor-It. Only the big units like this one have their own doors. Most of them are accessed via a communal loading dock that leads to a maze of wide corrugated-steel hallways and freight elevators. These are slum housing, 5-by-10s and 10-by-10s where Yanoama tribespersons cook beans and parboil fistfuls of coca leaves over heaps of burning lottery tickets.This popped to the top of one of my lists just at the moment that I have been reading some of the other ...

Bristol's elected Mayor has scrapped plans for an entertainment Arena near the city's Temple Meads mainline station. In making this decision Mayor Marvin Rees has binned plans going back over a decade that have been promoted by previous city leaders and several government ministers and agencies. He's discarded a fully worked up design for a [...]

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Great to see that Kamran Hussain has been selected in Greg Mulholland's former constituency of Leeds North West.

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I am tired of being told my 'natural home' is the Labour Party just because I'm brown. I am tired of being pointed to the Conservative Party, and told it boasts a diverse set of MPs. I am tired of being told the Liberal Democrats are fine just as we are because the truth is we aren't. We must demand better of ourselves. Despite the scepticism that the new slogan 'Demand Better' makes us prone to criticism, it's this attitude of self-improvement that has kept me in the Party, even when my faith has wavered. We demand better at every ...

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Alongside Vince Cable's speech on party reform today, a full consultation paper has been published setting out how members can determine what happens next. It's getting a full analysis in Lib Dem Newswire later today (sign up here) but for the moment, here's the consultation paper. Leading-Change-Proposals-to-open-up-the-party

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Fri 7th

3/9, 4/9

The year turned, slowly, in its cycle: racked a hollow mark on its traverse from origin towards infinity... ~ as harvest ripened; barley malted, the living yeast renewed itself and brewing sang in warming water ~ as negotiators inched and postured, compromised, on our behalf while falsehood shifted to us, past us ~ as I turned [...]

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As I've just about exhausted the possibilities of taking photographs from my window, today we take a look inside my prison cell hospital room. At some of the many laminated notices. There's one which isn't laminated, but you'll have to read on to find out where it is. I am a master of suspense. I've moved the first notice, as ... The post Transplant -5: Laminated notices appeared first on ten pence piece.

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Thu, 12:56: The Lib Dems' new slogan is "Demand Better" - and the trouble is that many voters will https://t.co/2budQixLSq Good... https://t.co/bkFmC9HZ32 Thu, 16:05: Six-year-old British-born boy left stranded and 'stateless' after Home Office revokes his passport... https://t.co/YeVZWZKrCJ Thu, 18:52: Huawei Stories: Explorers, ed. Tian Tao and Yin Zhifeng https://t.co/FwRRAOSnRQ Thu, 20:48: Very interesting (if arcane). https://t.co/3FJvKzBvWp Thu, 21:54: Dear Anonymous Trump Official, There Is No Redemption in Your Cowardly Op-Ed https://t.co/nb1o74lHIk @MehdiHasan doesn't pull his punches. Fri, 08:21: Great to see the UK government sending its brightest and best to sort Northern Ireland out. https://t.co/o13KNgu0K4 Fri, 08:58: Meeting for ...


Politics is changing in the UK and around the world. Conventional wisdom and assumptions are being blown away by people powered movements from Trump to Trudeau, from Macron to Brexit. Old style political parties face a simple choice - change or be swept away. The Liberal Democrats have a long and proud history of approaching these transformational moments head on — by localising power, fostering diversity and nurturing creativity. We fight for our fundamental values of liberty, equality and community. In short, we live by the very principles that successful movements are built upon. Earlier this year, we set a ...

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The Daily Mail and the Sun today are both headlining a story that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been thrown out of the family home by his wife because of yet another alleged extramarital affair. It's hard to feel sorry for him, however, as he has behaved like a cad in this and other [...]

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Formby folk are not ones to take decisions they don't like or think may be wrong on the chin. And things have been hotting up in the village shopping centre in recent times where more beautiful mature trees are in line to be cut down by big brother Sefton Council in Chapel Lane – trees like this one:- Formby Parish Council were amongst those leading the charge on behalf of angry local Formby folk and they even engaged their own tree expert to see if a more positive solution to keep and preserve the trees could be found. I'm an ...

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I recently watched on Netflix a short series called Donald Trump – The American Dream. It is a biopic of Trump's life until he decided to run for President. Watching it makes it clear that Trump's characteristics as a human being have been obvious for decades. His behaviour in business shows a man who is [...] The post Tough on Donald Trump, tough on the causes of Donald Trump appeared first on Radix.

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Some call it the Chinese Marshall Plan. Others call it a dastardly plot for world domination. The Chinese - with their easy facility for metaphorical phraseology—call it the "Belt, Road Initiative." The term is a reference to the old Silk Road which stretched from East to West and dominated trade between the Orient and Occident from before Rome up until the 16th century when the Portuguese and Spanish discovered sea routes to America and the Far East. Those were the days when China was the fabled world economic power house with whom everyone wanted to trade. It was the land ...

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From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee : Our current exhibition in the Lamb Gallery, Designed to Inspire, showcases some of the University's amazing design collections and highlights some key areas of Dundee's design talent. One of these areas is comics, and over the past ten years we have been building up a unique collection of original comics art to support the growing amount of teaching and research in this field. Today - Friday 7th September at 11am - you are invited to join comics creator and PhD student Zu Dominiak for an informal guided tour ...

Fri 7th

UKIP crossing a line

The fact that Ukip's annual conference could debate whether to lift a ban on the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson becoming a member, tells us all we need to know about that party's move to the far right. As the Guardian reports, under long-established party rules, former members of the English Defence League, which was formed by Robinson, are banned from joining, along with people who belonged to the British National party. But Ukip's leader, Gerard Batten, has strongly backed Robinson, a self-styled freedom-of-speech activist whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, likening him to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The paper says ...

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Fri 7th

Day 6459: Movement Pie

Friday: Once Upon a Time, the people of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland decided that their king had got too uppity and chopped his head off. And then, being very British about it, decided that what they really wanted was another king again, thank you very much. And some MPs thought that things should go back to just how they were, with the King having absolute power over everything. But some other MPs said, isn't that what caused all the bother in the first place, and maybe unfair power is something we should do something about. And so, ...

So now we know the crux of the ideas Vince will be proposing today and it's not really that much of a surprise. This has been out in the open all Summer. In his speech this morning, he'll say: We should widen membership with a new class of 'supporters' who pay nothing to sign up to the party's values. They should enjoy a range of entitlements, including the right to vote for the leadership and to shape the party's campaigning online. The Liberal Democrats already have an army of voluntary helpers and deliverers, as well as 200,000 online supporters, who ...

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