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This is a blog post based loosely on some stuff I tweeted about a week ago, which Andrew Ducker asked me to expand into a blog post. As it comes from a tweet thread, it's a little disjointed, but you ... Continue reading →

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Stamford means Georgian architecture, doesn't it? It does, but there is more to this amazing town that that. Because Stamford was also a walled medieval town. Even today there are fragments of those walls left if you know where to look. And the bus station occupies the site of a Norman castle. I was in Stamford today and looked for its medieval past. I found St Leonard's Priory. Founded in the 12th century as an administrative base for the Diocese of Durham's more southerly properties, it was dissolved in 1538. It was later used as a farm building - you ...

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Seen near Glynde Glyndimandias I met a traveller from a Sussex land, Who said—"Two vast and pointless trunks of stone Stand by the road. . . . Near them, on the earth Half sunk a ticket kiosk lies, whose shattered frown, And wrinkled schedule, and lack of mirth, Tell that its attendant well those coupons read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand Supreme that mocked them, and the Artwave that fed; And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Glyndymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Ticket Prices, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside ...

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Sir Bob Russell yesterday Sir Bob Russell, the former Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester, is up in arms at the news that Colchester Borough Council has destroyed a Roman fountain that was discovered during redevelopment of the centre of the town. The fountain was discovered 20 years ago, left exposed to the elements and broken up in 2006. Bob Russell told the East Anglian Daily Times: "It is outrageous that such a unique part of our Roman heritage has been lost, particularly after the efforts made to save it. "The garden water feature should have been put somewhere safe, and ...

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It's time for another week at Bonkers Hall, as the new issue of Liberator is now with subscribers. We begin with the old boy meeting those youthful Liberal Democrat advisers Freddie and Fiona. I could not help noticing that they were not invited to join the crew of the Flower of Rutland last time round. Monday At a reception thrown by some Central American ambassador or other I come across my old friends Freddie and Fiona. "Vince won't be leader for ever," they tell me, "and he's been thinking about who should succeed him." I learn that the ideal candidate ...

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Current The Guermantes Way, by Marcel Proust Ginger Star, by Leigh Brackett Last books finished Moominland Midwinter, by Tove Jansson Byzantium, by Judith Herrin Vurt, by Jeff Noon Moominsummer Madness, by Tove Jansson Next books Moominpappa at Sea, by Tove Jansson Dark Satanic Mills, by Marcus Sedgwick Missing Adventures, ed. Rebecca Levene

Over the past few weeks, the debate on our immigration policy has unfolded on these pages and elsewhere. I've read with interest the arguments on both sides, and now I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why I'll be supporting that motion in Brighton on Sunday. Before delving into the detail of the policy, it's worth considering the big picture, and the recent troubling developments that form the backdrop to this debate. Look across Europe, where anti-immigration populists have risen to government in Italy, Poland and Austria. Hungarian nationalist Viktor Orbán won another landslide victory in April; his ally ...

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If you haven't been in this situation, you do not know at all what it feels like for your four walls to start crashing in on you, the poignancy of your little girl, leaving her pocket money on your desk because she wants to help and heard you crying in the night over the bills. People who have not ever had to picture for themselves the reality of no money, no job, no home, cannot easily appreciate the paralyzing terror, the feeling of time and hope slipping through the cracks leaving you trying not to vomit as you brightly slap ...

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Way back in the early eighties there was a sitcom called "Butterflies" where the mum was lampooned for her terrible cooking and all round failure as a homemaker. I pride myself in being the 21st century version of that mum. I drown noodles, explode baked beans in the microwave, incinerate duck and pancakes (even though Mr Marks and Mr Spencer provide simple instructions) and the hoover gathers more dust than it picks up. And yet, despite it all I know I am a reasonably ok parent because I have at least managed to impart to my children an interest in ...

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miss_s_b | On the psychology of Lib Dem Leadership In which I discuss why the Leadership thinks the new Supporters scheme is the answer to all our problems, and why I think it really, REALLY isn't. miss_s_b | Federal Conference 101: now I'm for it. In which I confess to having been asked to run a training session. Why Doesn't Anyone Answer the Phone Anymore? This article ends really oddly, just sort of stopping, but it's interesting none the less. - see what the EU has done for you Nearly a million quid to four projects within spitting distance ...


I've mentioned a few times recently two particular items on the agenda at the forthcoming Liberal Democrat federal conference in Brighton: The pair of consultation sessions (Saturday and Sunday) on reforming the party The proposals to fix the party's broken disciplinary process There is a third item, though, which I've only mentioned the once and I suspect a fair number of people have missed, so far at least. That's because there has been a lot of talk in the party in the last few days about the party needing to be clearer about what it is for. Tuesday 18 September, ...

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Sun, 14:09: RT @lowflyingrocks: 2018 RC, 31m-69m in diameter, just passed the Earth at 5km/s, missing by 225,000km. Sun, 14:10: I didn't know the word epigeous, but I know 91% of the other English words according to #wordORnot. Sun, 15:27: Official opening day of the Three Tumuli of Tienen. With re-enactment. Sun, 18:45: Open Monumentendag: the Battle of Neerwinden and the Three Tumuli of Tienen. And a Siberian Owl. Sun, 20:03: RT @gavinhewitt01: In the first exit poll in the elections in Sweden the far right Sweden Democrats polled 16% - far less than they had ...

Issue 392 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers. Our first free sample article for this issue is by Vince Cable on his plans for a supporters scheme and changing restrictions on who can be a candidate and vote in leadership elections. This longer article explains his reasoning in more detail than has appeared elsewhere. In the other free article Caron Lindsay says the immigration policy paper going to the Brighton conference is so flawed that it must be defeated. Both are on: and to get the new issue of the magazine do come to our stall at ...

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Today marks the last day of my cytarabine / etoposide infusions. They've not been easy to cope with, but neither have they felt too overwhelming. The main problem with the etoposide infusions is that they're large – 2 litres over 2 hours, as I've had two bags per day. It's a real faff unplugging the pump each time i need ... The post Transplant -2: The difficult bit approaches appeared first on ten pence piece.

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Boris starts a civil war

The Guardian reports that the Conservative party has erupted into open civil war after forceful criticism of Boris Johnson over his description of Theresa May's Brexit plan as a "suicide vest" prompted counter-accusations of a "project smear" by Downing Street. They say that the furious exchanges, in which a leading Tory backbencher said she would probably quit the party if Johnson became leader, herald a turbulent run-up to the party's conference this month, which is likely to be dominated by intertwined rows over Brexit and the successor to Theresa May: But Johnson further fuelled speculation about his ambitions by using ...

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Over the weekend, Greenham Common Control Tower opened to the public as a permanent visitor centre, set up to share the story of Greenham Common. Greenham and Crookham Commons cover a thousand acres of open, public land in Berkshire. Inhabited in prehistoric times and used for cattle grazing for centuries, the Commons were turned into an airfield in 1942 and used by the RAF and USAAF during the Second World War. The airfield was used a springboard for glider-borne troops landing in France on D-Day. General (later, President) Eisenhower visited the troops at Greenham on the eve of D-Day and ...

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Many around the world have seen the now classic 'Marlboro Man' cigarette advertisements. This man is a real man, strong, rugged and capable of taking care of himself. If he is married, he is a family man, focused on protecting and providing for it ,no matter what. When he falls, he picks himself up ,dusts [...] The post I am an American, keep the government out of my life, and particularly my pocket. appeared first on Radix.

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Time to start another week, as the Party's Autumn Conference beckons. Of course, much of the talk will be about the proposed "Momentum for Moderates". In truth, the Party needs to build a broader coalition of support in order to gain power, and I can't say that I'm terribly fussed about the terminology, as long as we remain a liberal force in British politics. And no, that doesn't mean centrist, unless you can anchor centrism somewhere on the political spectrum. But I don't doubt that there will be numerous contributions over the coming days. The knives are out for Boris ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2018 Brook Street - off-peak temporary traffic lights on Thursday 13 September for surfacing works. Riverside Esplanade - off-peak nearside lane closure on Tuesday 11 September for street lighting column repair. West Marketgait (at Police Station) - off-peak nearside lane closure on Tuesday 11 September for street lighting column repair. V&A Opening information : V&A Opening and Music Event - roads closed from Friday 14 September for 3 days as follows. South Commercial Street: Friday 14 September (10.00am) to Saturday 15 September ...