As well as the town's prison, this also shows the Severn and Shrewsbury railway station. The poet Housman adds: There sleeps in Shrewsbury jail to-night, Or wakes, as may betide, A better lad, if things went right, Than most that sleep outside.

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Lib Dems launch campaign to scrap cash machine fees Chancellor must take blinkers off and pay attention to industry Johnson cannot be trusted to fix broken politics Lib Dems launch campaign to scrap cash machine fees The Brecon & Radnorshire Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign calling on the UK Government to provide the funding necessary to scrap transaction fees at local cash machines. With the number of bank branches across Powys dwindling, a growing number of residents are forced to reply upon Post Offices and local cash machines to access their money. Last year Jane Dodds, then MP for ...

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Yes, we have a Comments Policy, which can be found here. There are two very important parts of it, under the section "Be who you say you are": When entering your comment, we ask you to provide a valid email address which belongs to you. This email address will not be published and is requested in case we need to contact you. We may send a test message to the email address given, in order to check its validity. Comments submitted without the provision of a valid email address, owned by the commenter, will not be published. Be consistent in ...

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Nothing illustrates Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's failings more than his assertion that, at the last general election, his party "won the argument". The party's vote went down by 2.6 million. Any sense in which the party won an argument is so abstract as to be worse than useless. But not enough people on the left ... Continue reading Why is the left losing the argument in the country at large?

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Today, for the first time since this debacle began all the way back in 2016 we find ourselves with an odd sense of certainty. For better or (definitely) for worse, at the end of January the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be leaving the European Union under a majority Conservative and unionist Government, headed by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (yes this is his actual full name to those who aren't aware). This may not be the certainty we ever wanted but there is an odd sense of relief in it; sort of like that feeling ...

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Always conscious that my own tastes are not everyone's, I had a look at the 27 works which are on the long list for this year's BSFA Award. I must say that the quality of the art is in almost all cases fantastic. It's interesting to note that there are two exbibitions on the long list, one "A New Life in the Village" by Cedric Mizero, which I have to admit I did not feel had many sfnal aspects, and United Visual Artists' "Other Spaces", which ran at The Store X on the Strand in London last year. I am ...

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Little Women ****

Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women (1868) is not just an American classic but one of the most memorable English-language novels of millions of people's childhood. It certainly was of mine. And even though I have never re-read it, the portrayal of the four March sisters — each with her own distinct character — at home with [...]

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Time for some more Kevin Ayers. This track from his album Whatevershebringswesing was relesed as a single in 1971 and again in 1976, but failed to chart both times. But who cares about that?

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The Liberty and Justice Celebration, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, November 1st, 2019. This and all photos below are by Alex Paul Shantz It's the first Friday in November, and inside an arena in downtown Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, guests in smart clothes eat dinner around an elevated stage. Suddenly, the lights dim, artificial smoke envelopes a walkway, and the pop song 'High Hopes' blares out. Around one end of the arena, across three levels of tiered seating, thousands of people jump to their feet, dancing and waving three feet high letters that say "Boot Edge Edge". Striding along ...

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[IMG: A lesson from Brit politics - rewarding myself for failure] 'Motherhood stocktaking' is what I call it. Sitting down with a cup of herbal tea, I ponder on how marvellous I have been as a... The post A lesson from Brit politics – rewarding myself for failure appeared first on Ambitiousmamas.

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Martin Baxter's Electoral Calculus website has an excellent Infographic on Voter migration 2017 – 2019. Using human figures (voters) to represent one percentage point of the voters, he not only shows where 2017 voters and non-voters went in 2019, he also graphically shows 2016 EU referendum preferences. His conclusion on the LibDems is interesting: The Liberal Democrats...gained a Remain voter from the Conservatives, and a new voter who had not voted in 2017. Altogether that increased their vote share nationally, but those votes were scattered across seats and they were not able to translate their increased support into seat gains. ...

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My tweets

Sat, 12:04: RT @sundersays: JFK had to give an excellent & clear response to this kind of charge in running for US President sixty years ago. "Dictat... Sat, 12:56: Lead cast and national premiere for the first feature drama film about Tove Jansson announced Hooray! Sat, 14:48: Interview With an Author: Tochi Onyebuchi Great interview with @TochiTrueStory, citing (amo... Sat, 15:20: In the Heat of the Night: film (1967) and novel (1965) Sat, 16:05: RT @nwbrux: A beautiful tribute to Mattlan Zackhras and Tony de Brum, by Marshallese poet Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner. Sat, 19:24: So, Oliver! won ...

Back in May 2019, a former Liberal Democrat Councillor in Cardiff went to court to claim that the suspected use of facial recognition technology on him by South Wales police was an unlawful violation of privacy. Ed Bridges alleged that his image was captured by facial recognition cameras when he popped out for a sandwich in his lunch break and, quite rightly, objected to what he saw as a further extension of the surveillance state. Facial recognition technology maps faces in a crowd and then compares them to a watchlist of images, which can include suspects, missing people and persons ...

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People and organisations are at last getting on with tackling the climate emergency. But there is still more talk than action. Too much talking up achievements rather than recognition that we have barely begun tackle the problem. There is a lack of commitment to early dates for going carbon neutral. A few organisations are talking about going carbon negative. Shropshire has been in the slow lane but that is changing. We need to push the pace of that change. The council is finally making steps towards addressing the climate emergency. But it is making steps not strides forward. There are ...

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Things are now moving on quickly with the new access roads taking shape to make the 'Ashworth' junction a full one. Here are a few photos from Saturday 18th January:- The first shot is of the new pedestrian/cycle access down to Giddygate Lane and the second the access steps of course. The last one is looking at the motorway junction from what is now the end of Giddygate Lane for vehicles. Click on the photos to enlarge them

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The Chair is Dorothy Thornhill, who was the elected Mayor of Watford for 16 years, leading a successful turnaround of the council's administration and quality of services.

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From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee : Our exhibition on the history of housing in Dundee, Living Together, finishes next week after a hugely popular run. Using photographs, artworks and architects' designs, the exhibition explores some of the most common forms of houses in Dundee, with a particular focus on communal and social housing - from Victorian tenements to pioneering council houses, post-war multis, student halls of residence and more. To mark the end of the show, on Friday 24th January at 5pm we're hosting an evening of short talks and discussion around the themes ...

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Six of the Best 905

"Who displayed the strength and bravery to keep calling it out? Two women. Margaret Oliver, a former detective loathed by senior police command; and Joan Agoglia, the grandmother of a vulnerable teenage girl whose death she simply wanted investigating." Jennifer Williams on the Manchester child abuse scandal, Chris Dillow points out the massive difference between the sort of conservatism Roger Scruton championed and free market economics. "British tweeters skew left and toward remaining in the European Union, which reflects their demographic makeup." Helen Lewis reminds us that the Twitter electorate isn't the real electorate. Anna McKie asks if standing up ...

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