Full of ideas, passion, sincerity – watch Alex Cole Hamilton's first leader's speech to Scottish Conference: He delivered it from his home to the online event. There were a few more policy initiatives – a commission on a just economy led by Jeremy Purvis to report to next year's Autumn Conference: If that great liberal William Beveridge could see us now, he would think his transformational work at the end of the war had been for nothing. We are the inheritors of his legacy and we need to do something about it. That is why I am today announcing a ...

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Sat 9th

Mopping up

We have a small number of patches in Whickham South and Sunniside to deliver with our latest Focus newsletter. I delivered one of the Whickham patches this morning, and picked up casework about ash die back disease (lots of ash trees in the area are now suffering from it.)

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Second frame of third page of Épisode 2: Claudia: OK, I'll leave you to it. Good night and good luck! Second frame of third page of Épisode 3: Sterens: This phenomenon has been described in space travellers' tales. But it has never been confirmed.So, I've reached the end for now of Leo's Mondes d'Aldébaran series of graphic novels (though a two-volume story, Neptune, is coming out next year). These two round out the trilogy whose first volume I read when it came out. Kim and friends are exploring the new planet reached through a mysterious cube; their mission, and they ...

The Lib Dems had a fantastic night in Thursday's by-elections - defending four seats and winning all of them! Wilton and Sherford (Somerset West and Taunton) by-election result: LDEM: 56.9% (-11.5) CON: 36.5% (+4.9) GRN: 6.6% (+6.6) Liberal Democrat HOLD. — Britain Elects (@BritainElects) October 8, 2021 Somerset In Somerset we were defending both a County and District Council seat. On Somerset County Council we held the ward of Comeytrowe and Trull with a belting majority of just under 800 votes (63% of the vote) and an increased vote share of 15.6%. The campaign was supported by an ALDC fighting ...

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Sat 9th

My tweets

Fri, 18:19: Friday reading https://t.co/SfW8g7HJRh Fri, 18:26: 580 days of plague https://t.co/g9jhDQjzFQ Fri, 20:48: Welkom thuis bij Stichting Delacroix https://t.co/5j6R0pHYKV This is where my daughters live. Sat, 10:45: RT @JamesCrisp6: EU must be ready to send aid to Brexit Britain, says former PM of Finland https://t.co/LGiWXSomI2

According to the Guardian, bpth the Queen and Prince Charles are due to attend the Cop26 climate summit, which starts on 31 October. It seems apt therefore that the conservationist and broadcaster Chris Packham has used this moment to call on the royal family to "step up" by committing to rewilding their estates before Cop26: The royal family is the UK's biggest landowning family with an estate that includes lands held by the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Queen. According to calculations by the rewilding campaign group Wild Card, the family owns more than 323,748 hectares (800,000 acres) ...

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In British political circles, knocking-up is the activity of calling on voters to remind them to vote. Done usually on polling day, knocking-up sometimes happens earlier because postal votes land well before polling day. But it never involves pea shooters. However, there is a very different sort of knocking-up which does involve them. It's the old-fashioned kind: Mary Smith, a "knocker-upper" who earned sixpence a week shooting dried peas at windows to wake people for work (East London, 1930s) Photo: John Topham pic.twitter.com/vr1oDoFVSh — Historical Photos (@Iearnhistory) October 5, 2021

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The US Treasury is too big to fail. Failure, however, is a real possibility. In fact, Federal Reserve Bank Chairperson Janet Yellen warned earlier this week that the government would be forced to default on its loans on 18 October unless the self-imposed cap of $28 trillion was raised. Reluctantly, the Senate voted 48-51 to push up the ceiling by $458 million and postponed decision day to 3 December when battle will be recommenced. There is a string of dire warnings if the cap is not raised by trillions in the run-up to Christmas. Forty percent of financial aid would ...

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There's been a large reaction from residents to the articles in the Courier and Evening Telegraph last week in which I highlighted that, although real time bus information is working at bus shelters, paper timetables have been out of date since the bus companies altered services at the start of the COVID-19 health emergency. There has been an attempt to remove erroneous and out of date timetables but bus stops across Dundee still lack correct timetables - some 18 months since the pandemic started. I think everyone accepts that during the 2020 lockdowns there was significant change and understandable volatility ...