I was reliably informed on Friday at the count that the Conservatives are to target me personally in the local elections next year! "You are targeted" sounds as though it's come straight from a Terminator film! But far from being angry that I am to be the Tories' target, I welcome it! But let's put everything into perspective. By May next year I will have represented Whickham South and Sunniside

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Congratulations to my ward colleague Marilynn Ord who was re-elected last week to Gateshead Council in Whickham South and Sunniside ward. She took 60% of the vote and had a majority of 1075.The details are:Marilynn Ord (Lib Dem) 1770 (60.1%)Labour 695 (23.6%)Conservative 346 (11.7%)Green 136 (4.6%).

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Leader Ed Davey, Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper and Vice President Amna Ahmad have all been commenting on the Lib Dems fantastic election results this weekend. Ed and Daisy were both on the Sunday morning shows. On Sunday Morning, Ed said that Lib Dems wanted to get rid of this Conservative Government and the results show we can beat them. Watch the whole interview here from 22 minutes in. Liberal Democrats have shown we can beat Conservatives. At the next General Election we can defeat Conservative MPs and throw the Conservatives out of Downing Street.@EdwardJDavey #Raworth pic.twitter.com/AhoKpjGM2P — Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) ...

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A Liberal Democrat press release brings the number crunching: Analysis has revealed the top ten Conservative MPs at risk following the Liberal Democrat surge at the local elections. The "Blue Wall backlash" would see the likes of Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond, MP for Wokingham John Redwood, and Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab all lose their seats at the next General Election. The analysis is based on what would happen if the share of the vote within each constituency at Thursday's local elections was replicated in a general election. It comes as Dominic Raab admitted on Sky's Ridge on Sunday he's ...

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Lovely canvassing out in the sun and the beautiful countryside with a big team in Tiverton and Honiton this morning.

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Here's a challenge to all lefties from former Lib Dem MP Norman Baker (I picked it up from his Facebook Page) – I'll admit it is a dilemma that I have personally struggled with:- ***** 'Now here's a puzzle. People who share my liberal/leftie views make two complaints to me about the plentiful right-wing media here in the UK, from the Mail to the Sun, from the Torygraph to GB News. The first complaint is that these outlets are biased against those on the left and exclude voices to balance the diet of right-wing material they churn out. The second ...

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In all the excitement of the election that took place in most of the UK last Thursday two items seem to have been missed by many in Liverpool. The over costly leccy bill and the screwed up mayoral consultation. The ... Continue reading →

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So, the 2022 election results were very pleasing from a Lib Dem perspective. We took control of a number of new and old councils – Somerset, Westmorland, Hull, Woking, and Gosport – and knocked the Tories out of control in several more, including Tunbridge Wells and West Oxfordshire. We also heavily consolidated a number of [...]

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Shoot for stars, for if you fail you will land in the clouds, we are told. Well over the last 2 days of watching the count in Northern Ireland I'm not quite sure whether it is Cloud 9 or some new star that the Alliance Party has found themselves on. Going into this election, our Northern Irish sister party, the Alliance Party were in a familiar position for them the 5th largest party in the Assembly, although only just behind the Ulster Unionists and SDLP. However, there was ambition, there was vision and there was determination to do better. Each ...

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Those who voted for Brexit cannot say they were not warned, as many of us were clear during the referendum that leaving the EU free trade area and its exacting animal welfare standards could well backfire on us, and on our own agricultural industry, and so it is coming to pass. The Independent reports that meat from cows kept in harsh conditions banned in the UK will be imported under the trade deal struck with Australia, despite government promises to improve animal welfare after Brexit. The paper says that cattle are transported for up to 48 hours without eating and ...

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If you've read Sally Hamwee's account last week of the way that the government pushed the Nationality and Borders Bill through both Houses of Parliament, and of the failure of the Labour Party in the Lords to stand up against some of its most illiberal elements, you won't be surprised to hear that the same happened at the end of the parliamentary session to the Elections Bill - rightly condemned by Alastair Carmichael in an article for the Times as 'undermining the roots of our democracy.' The Bill arrived in the Lords with a report from the Commons Committee on ...

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This is a great record and in particular a great guitar riff. It was devised by Pete Shelley, which is why you can also hear it on the Buzzcocks' Lipstick. But the figure who interests us is the keyboard player Dave Formula, because we have seen him before. More than a decade before he joined magazine, he worked under the name David Tomlinson and was a member of the St Louis Union. And, as you no doubt remember, they appeared in the Spencer Davis Group's film The Ghost Goes Gear and were the best thing in it apart from the ...

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French politics have been thrown into confusion with an unprecedented "Stop Macron" alliance of the left for next month's parliamentary elections. The concordat has been forged by France's elder statesman of the Left, Jean-luc Melenchon who just missed being included in last month's presidential run-offs. He has persuaded the Communists, Greens and Socialists to join his France Insoumise (LFI, France Unbowed), to stop Macron's pro-business, pro-EU legislative agenda. But Melenchon's pre-election coalition does not spell a foregone victorious conclusion for the French Left. The latest opinion polls show a three-way split between the left-wing alliance, Macron's La Republique en Marche ...

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Sun 8th

Congratulations card!

The Dundee Liberal Democrat councillors would like to thank our good friends Lewis and Wings for the super congratulations card they sent us!