Sky's Beth Rigby headed to Somerset to interview Ed Davey about the Liberal Democrat resurgence in the south west.

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By Tabitha A. Baker, Bournemouth University Tiverton and Honiton in Devon has long been a Conservative stronghold. But the Liberal Democrats believe they have a good chance of taking the seat in an impending byelection. The vote follows the resignation of former MP Neil Parish, who admitted to watching porn in the House of Commons chamber. My research in the south-west of England suggests the party of government has every reason to be worried. The discontent and even resentment towards the political class have been palpable for some time. Previous analyses of electoral geography identified rural and non-metropolitan areas as ...

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Note this photo: What you have is three images at different levels of magnification of some hair cells. These are hair cells which have not produced hair for some time. I have been doing some experimentation. As a result of my experimentation I have found a protocol which I believe makes cells which were senescent start to function. I think there are some side effects with this protocol.

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Do you let light shine upon your midlife self or do you hide it under a bushel? Midlife women have a tendency to self-censor their views and thoughts. I cannot back this statement up with any scientific fact but only with anecdotal experience. I have many times observed older women simply lack the confidence to ... The post Are you proud of your wisdom in midlife? appeared first on A Midlifer in London .

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Tiverton and Honiton We saw last year what a huge boost it gave to the party getting two new excellent MPs elected in Parliamentary by-elections. It's good for their constituents and also good for the party's prospects across the whole country. We've also seen this month how Conservative MPs have failed to do what our country needs – to remove Boris Johnson from 10 Downing Street. Which is why the latest contest in Tiverton and Honiton is so important for us all again. The single most effective thing you can do in the next few weeks to help bring about ...

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Last time I praised an early Michael Winner film the post was quoted in a book. So here goes again with one he made when he was only 28.. If it had no other virtues, the street scenes of Notting Hill would make West 11 interesting. When the film was made in 1963, this was an area of poverty and racketeering landlords. And beneath the opening titles we see Alfred Lynch walking past 25 Powis Square, where Performance was to be filmed a few years later.. For me the glory of West 11 is its cast, which might have been ...

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The railway strike which begins today invites comparison with the 1970s. This is not, however, everyone's view, for reasons this constructive article by Will Hutton makes clear. Whether or not these comparisons with the 70s are valid, what is clear is that we have learned so little in the last half century. Britain's basic problem, than and still now, is that both our political and our economic institutions are organised to promote confrontation rather than co-operation. In our politics, our "winner takes all" electoral system narrows our choice to two major sides, which sit opposite each other in parliament, jeer ...

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News from the Liberal Democrats in Scotland: Great to unveil ⁦@SusanMurrayLibD⁩ as our candidate for ⁦East Dunbartonshire, @LibDems⁩ number 1 target Westminster seat in the whole of the U.K. We're only 149 votes behind the SNP here and Susan is well respected locally. She's going to smash it. [IMG: 🔶] #newhope — Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP [IMG: 🔶] [IMG: 🇺🇦] (@agcolehamilton) June 20, 2022

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Tue 21st

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Mon, 16:34: Started this morning with one of my favourite urban walks in the world, down Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road, across Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall to Westminster for an early meeting in Parliament. Mon, 17:11: RT @weareyourfek: This, from Megan Rapinoe, reads as a very decent summation of the correct answer to any "trans person in sports" debate,... Mon, 18:21: A Modern Utopia, by H. G.�Wells </ul

I have accused Liverpool's Elected Mayor, Joanne Anderson of becoming the 'Phantom of the Cunard' after cancelling the Mayoral & Performance Select Committee on the grounds that it conflicts with the Fazakerley by-election. In a letter to her I point ... Continue reading →

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Chippenham Liberal Democrats have selected Sarah Gibson for the next general election.

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From an "exclusive" by David Parsley in today's i: "After speaking with 6,000 constituents in the Devon seat over the weekend, pollsters for the Lib Dems put their candidate Richard Foord on 45 per cent of the vote, level with the Tories' Helen Hurford. "This latest survey of voting intentions suggests the Lib Dems have closed the two-point gap between themselves and the Conservatives that existed at the same point last week." Richard Foord said: This by-election is a very close fight between myself and Boris Johnson's candidate. David Parsley continues: "If the Lib Dems do reverse the huge Tory ...

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Today is Make Music Day! To celebrate, the most interesting and rarest books of the world renowned Wighton Collection will be on display at its home in Central Library's Wighton Heritage Centre. As well as the chance to see and hear about these gems, there will be be live music from the Wighton Singers, Rosa Michaelson, Sheena Wellington,The Doolichters and, maybe, a surprise guest or two! The room is open from 2pm until 5pm, admission is free so please do drop in and let us show you some of Dundee's treasures!