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David Hencke argues that the Supreme Court has taken to backing the government against the people: "The change appears to have taken place after Lord Robert Reed became President in 2020 replacing Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond. It also follows a change in the composition of the court which is now almost exclusively male with just one token female judge out of 10." "The question that arises from the current furore is not one about the Church of England's role and purpose within the life of the nation, but rather one about the role of the Conservative and Unionist party. ...

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Responding to Lord Geidt's resignation, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain MP said: "When both of Boris Johnson's own ethics advisers have quit, it is obvious that he is the one who needs to go. "This Prime Minister has constantly lied and broken the laws he wrote. It's clear as day that he has broken the Ministerial Code too. "For the good of Britain, the next resignation we should be hearing about is that of Boris Johnson."

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Of the 460 MPs who entered the ballot for Private Member Bills only 20 were selected. And two of those were Lib Dems – Wendy Chamberlain and Wera Hobhouse. Unfortunately only the top seven are guaranteed debating time so the others have to hope they can be squeezed in somewhere. Wendy was at position 10, and Wera at 15. So we should be watching the progress of these two (quoted from Politics Home): 10. Wendy Chamberlain: Carer's Leave Bill The Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife is proposing a bill to make provision about unpaid leave for employees with ...

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Writing in Gay Times, Layla Moran has called out those that think being gay is something other than normal and want to convert 'gay people' into 'ordinary people'. Moran wrote: The LGBTQ+ community is an incredible tapestry of different sexual orientations and gender identities. Each of them is valid and should be celebrated. But practices exist which seek to change, cure, or suppress an LGBTQ+ person's identity. These practices start from the position that a person expressing an LGBTQ+ identity should be challenged and corrected. They are deliberately harmful and repressive... Shockingly these practices are still legal in the UK. ...

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Wed 15th

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Tue, 12:54: RT @Mij_Europe: A brief thread on EU's latest thinking on UKG's Protocol move 1/ Tue, 12:56: RT @law_and_policy: The bare "necessity" How the legal position of the United Kingdom on the Northern Irish Protocol Bill makes no sense... Tue, 16:05: RT @kayaburgess: BREAKING: The entire senior leadership of the Church of England (every bishop in the House of Lords) has joined to decry t... Tue, 17:11: RT @SirJJQC: Useful bundle of joy. Some reactions: It's a quite extraordinary Bill. Goes much further than 2020 Internal Market Bill. Turn... Tue, 18:46: The Halls of Narrow Water: A family history, ...

This week the London Assembly passed a motion I proposed declaring a cost of living emergency in London. We called for some specific actions that should be taken by both the Mayor and most importantly central Government. It was building upon the excellent initiative by the Eastbourne councillor and Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Josh Babarinde who last month declared Eastbourne as the first town in the UK in a cost of living emergency. More widely it is also builds upon what we have been doing at a national level as well. Ed Davey was the first political leader to call ...

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Residents have raised with us the very poor state of the railings in Riverside Approach around the rail bridge there. The City Engineer advises us that : "The wrought/cast iron sections are likely to be Dundee City Council's. The timber sections facing the Tay Rail Bridge are Network Rail's." His team has kindly agreed to approach Community Justice Services to hopefully get a project put together to have the railings brought back to standard.