Back in August I sent you off to a podcast featuring the historian Matt Lewis and his theory that the Princes in the Tower survived for some years after they disappeared from public sight in 1483. This evening he has posted a new podcast in this Gone Medieval series in which Philippa Langley, her off of the Richard III dog, presents what sounds like remarkable new evidence that supports Lewis's theory. The story is also in tomorrow's newspapers. Here's the Mirror: Philippa Langley and a 300-strong team of citizen historian helpers have uncovered four key documents which she claims show ...

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To conclude my BS Johnson experience, and for the benefit of anyone wanting to discover his work, here are a few more things, particularly about The unfortunates, which I did find a haunting and powerful book. If it becomes available online at something less than the lowest price I've so far found online of £46.11, I'll buy a copy. 1. It is one of the novels featured on BBC Sounds' Exploding Library series, the half-hour episode presented by the comedian Rob Auton. A bit self-consciously wacky for me maybe, but still was an interesting and enjoyable listen. The series also ...

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Thu 16th

The shoplifting epidemic

I live in one of those quieter outer London suburbs, but over the last few months I have noticed that larger shops have introduced higher levels of security. Some supermarkets now have a member of staff apparently on greeting duty, and others have fitted extra barriers and even gates. A large M&S Food store near me now has gates into and out of the drinks section – I once got stuck in there when the exit gate refused to open and I couldn't go back out through the entry gate until someone else approached it and triggered the latch. Yes, ...

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Ever since the world was shocked by the horrific events of October 7th there's been a deepening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The loss of life and destruction of property is on a mass scale. Many observers are repulsed by what's happening and saying the Israel/Palestine issue can never be the same again. Perhaps ... Continue reading Peace out of the rubble, a UN mission for Gaza

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The Independent reports that despite yesterday's uanimous high court ruling, the UK Government plan to press on with their plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The paper says that the new Home Secretary, James Cleverly has revealed that the government's plan B is "ready". Meanwhile, a rattled Rishi Sunak said he would introduce emergency legislation to stop "foreign courts", such as the European Court of Human Rights, from blocking flights to Kigali. He vowed to get planes in the air by spring next year. Any thoughts that ministers have completely lost the plot in thinking that they can legislate ...

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Brian was born in London, the son of a doctor from Weston-super-Mare and was educated in London and Somerset. After doing his National Service he entered business, eventually running his own small manufacturing company in Hampshire. Brian married Eyleen in the 1960s and they had two sons and a daughter together. Brian came into politics relatively late, not joining the Liberal Party until his 40s. He became active in Woking and was elected to Woking Borough Council in 1986, as a Liberal/SDP Alliance candidate, representing the Mount Hermon West ward. He retained this seat until standing down in 1990. Brian ...

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Michael's surgeries take place today and every Thursday during school term time. They are as follows : Thursdays at 5.45pm prompt - West End Campus (come to reception area of St Joseph's RC and Victoria Park Primary Schools) Thursdays at 6.30pm prompt - Harris Academy reception area All welcome - no appointment necessary!

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