First, congratulations to Alan Garner for being placed on the Booker longlist at the age of 87 for his adult novel Treacle Walker. Justine Jordan says the book "a flinty little fable about a convalescent boy visited by a rag-and-bone man, reads like a perfect distillation of his long-worked themes: mythology, archaeology, childhood, the transient rhythms of vernacular speech, deep time and inner visions." And you can listen to a special edition of the podcast Backlisted devoted to it. Garner first found fame as a children's writer in the 1960s and I suspect his best work of all, a young ...

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This isn't a caretaker cabinet, it's a piss-taker cabinet. — Jonathan Calder (@lordbonkers) July 9, 2022

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When the Met Police introduced its Safer Neighbourhood policing strategy in 2004 I was one of many local councillors who warmly welcomed the initiative. And over the years I could witness its effectiveness in driving down crime. It was replicated by Police forces across the country. The problem was that Neighbourhood Policing was too successful, so inevitably over time resources were reduced because of low crime rates. Whereas before the teams worked solely on ward issues, today they can be pulled away at any time to deal with issues in the town centre. And guess what happened? – crime levels ...

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Tue, 18:06: RT @panyiszabolcs: ‼️PM Viktor Orbán's long-time adviser, Zsuzsa Hegedüs resigns, telling his boss in a letter that "I don't know how you d... Tue, 20:52: Lost, Not Stolen: The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election, by John Danforth et�al Wed, 07:31: Woordle 403 3/6 ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟨🟨⬜🟨⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Wed, 09:44: RT @DKaddik: Name one thing more #EUBrussels than this #autoreply "I will be out of the office from Monday, 25.07 until Friday 26.08.2022 (... </ul

In The House Wera Hobhouse introduces us to the concept of downblousing and calls for it to be recognised as an offence. Downblousing is the latest manifestation of misogyny enabled by the smartphone era. The law must catch up with the times. Somehow downblousing is not covered by existing legislation - voyeurism nor revenge porn laws. Downblousing is where someone's chest is photographed without their consent. An obviously intrusive, disgusting and frankly wrong act that currently carries no consequences. It is another manifestation of misogyny and violence against women and girls that the law overlooks. It is time that the ...

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Red tape exodus

One of the more interesting aspects of Liz Truss's campaign to be Tory leader is that she appears to be basing her rather dodgy economic agenda on advice from Patrick Minford, an economist whose every prediction about Brexit has proved to be wrong. Minford is not the only one, of course, who has got things wrong in predictng how Brexit will play out. Nearly everything we were promised by the pro-Brexit campaign has turned out to be nonsense. That does not stop the brexiteers from trying to blame others when things go wrong of course, whether they argue it is ...

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Further to our previous updates on the project that, subject to funding support from Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, would replace the Magdalen Green footbridge across the rail line to Riverside, with a new footbridge, the council is now udertaking public engagement on this. If you use the bridge and/or Magdalen Green on a regular or occasional basis, please give your views about the current bridge, how you use Magdalen Green, and what you'd like to see in the future. You can complete the survey here: