Lib Dems: Govt grovelling over food standards to try and secure US trade deal Swinson: Corbyn could be the block to stopping a No Deal Heidi Allen joins the Liberal Democrats (see here) Lib Dems: Govt grovelling over food standards to try and secure US trade deal Responding to the reports from a leaked document stating that the Department for International Trade will try to lower the UK's food standards to secure a trade deal with the United States, Liberal Democrat shadow Foreign Secretary Chuka Umunna said: The promises made by Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government that the UK ...

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Former Conservative Councillor Keith Rippington (Bisley & Painswick ward) has now joined the Liberal Democrats, after a spell as an independent.

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You kind of know when you get a WhatsApp message inviting you to a Federal Board briefing at 9pm that someone is about to be joining us. I think most of the Board guessed right this time: Welcome to the team ⁦@heidiallen75⁩!! — Layla Moran [IMG: 🔶] [IMG: 🏳️‍🌈] (@LaylaMoran) October 7, 2019 * Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party keeps on growing with news from South Cambridgeshire: Former Conservative MP Heidi Allen has been unveiled as the latest recruit to the Liberal Democrats, declaring that at least 20 more "one-nation Tories" would like to follow suit. Ms Allen told The Independent the Conservative Party no longer offered a home for MPs from its centrist tradition, though she admitted she did not know if any would have the "bravery" to jump ship. I am delighted to welcome @heidiallen75 to @LibDems. She has long been an ally in the fight to stop Brexit, and having worked ...

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There is nothing of Pilgrim on the BBC website at the moment, so this will have to do us for now.

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Things may get very entertaining now John Sweeney has left the BBC.

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Ginger Baker, the nomination of many as the greatest rock drummer, died yesterday at the age of 80. He was best known from his time with the original supergroup Cream. The tribute from Steve Winwood - "Beneath his somewhat abrasive exterior, there was a very sensitive human being with a heart of gold" - gives a clue as to the difficulties many found in working with Baker. Winwood and Baker, along with Eric Clapton and Leicester's Rick Grech - were members of another supergroup - the short-lived Blind Faith. Here they are at their debut concert in Hyde Park in ...

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[IMG: Podcast launch on Southasian feminism] A brand new series titled 'Masala Podcast' is being launched on the 8th of October in London introducing South Asian feminism. While there is no singular way to live as a South Asian women, each... The post Podcast launch on Southasian feminism appeared first on @ambitiousmamas.

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Good news today. The Feathers Hotel has agreed to reduce its late opening hours by one hour. The owners, Crest Hotels, had applied to be open to walk in customers to serve alcohol until 1:00am on weekdays and 2:00am on Friday and Saturday (plus 30 minutes drinking up time). This is too late an hour - or early a morning - for our town centre. We have a lot of residential properties around the Feathers and we do not want this area to become a potential source of antisocial behaviour. The Feathers has now agreed to stop serving alcohol to ...

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PODCAST LIVE! I solo-hosted the first live 'Never Mind the Barcharts' podcast this weekend. Regular co-host Mark Pack was husting to be Lib Dem party president (a fact the party had failed to mention to him until the week before) though thankfully Sean Kemp, a former No.10 advisor and head of political communications for the Lib Dems during the coalition government, agreed to stand in alongside our long-planned guest, Polly Mackenzie, chief executive of Demos and Nick Clegg's former director of policy. I try and prepare any live event in front of an audience pretty carefully. It's all too easy ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter: Stacy didn't answer when I called the house. I left a quick message asking her to come by and feed Spike and the cats until I got back. I glossed over how long my absence was likely to be. The last thing I needed was for her to start calling Sylvester, demanding to know whether he was trying to get me killed. I couldn't blame her for reacting that way. After all, the last time I went on a job for him, I got turned into a fish and spent fourteen years swimming around a ...

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Eurocapitales 2019

I spent the latter half of last week in Paris attending the 2019 gathering of Eurocapitales, an association of individuals and groups mainly linked to the European Movement, celebrating some of the great cities of Europe while discussing topical subjects. Paris currently operates as the organisational hub as well, thanks in large part to the [...]

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There is an online hustings for the two Presidential candidates tonight at 7pm until 8pm. Here are some relevant links: RSVP form for the event Put forward your questions for the candidates Watch the Hustings on YouTube at 7pm Watch the Hustings on the Lib Dem website at 7pm The two candidates are Mark Pack and Christine Jardine MP.

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Following the weekend's news from Beaconsfield comes another piece of the emerging cross-party cooperation amongst Remainers ahead of the next general election.

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Having left school the year before computers were introduced in the classrooms, and having played catch-up ever since, I am still astonished at how quickly we have got to the stage when the internet, and smart phones in particular dominates our entire life. With the convenience the internet brings, come risks of course, and incidents of scams, fraud, hacking, identity theft and fake news have grown exponentially in recent times. The only thing that offers us protection from those who would seek to use technology to exploit us is the encryption that is applied to many activities and applications, such ...

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This feels like the endgame for Brexit - and quite possibly for Boris Johnson. Briefings in Sunday papers on how the prime minister will refuse to resign when Parliament next votes him down - remember, he hasn't won a single vote yet - to force the Queen to dissolve Parliament and let him fight an election on the 'betrayal' of Brexit suggest that he doesn't expect the latest negotiations to succeed, and doesn't know how to evade the terms of the Benn 'Surrender' Act. The tactical judgement of Johnson's advisers is that they can win an election on these terms, ...

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We discovered earlier this year that Gateshead Council sent two officers to a Local Government Chronicle awards ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. It's not exactly the best way to demonstrate that the Council is keeping costs and unnecessary spending under control. The cost of the meal for two was £620 with a further £330 on travel and accommodation. I can't imagine many residents of

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My tweets

Sun, 12:56: RT @pmdfoster: The crux of a super-informative thread. Sun, 12:57: Ciaran Carson has left the scene, a few days before his 71st birthday. Here's one of his poems, and a link to my re... Sun, 14:48: RT @MSmithsonPB: From @DavidHerdson The curious incident of the ERG at Christmas 2017. The dozy reaction to the Joint Report has misfram... Sun, 15:50: Art in September Sun, 16:05: RT @RajaKorman: @p_t_charles The funny thing is that with its track record, Britain above all should recognize partition as a price of inde... Sun, 20:48: RT @comicconbxl: Alex Kingston aka ...

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Low Fell eFocus no. 43

The latest edition of eFocus for Low Fell was published last week. Contents include: Supporting St Peter's Choir Residents need right to park New bus stop for Kells Lane Concerned about crime? Come and meet the police Supporting the Little Theatre Dealing with flooding on Kells Lane Labour Council causes Gateshead to lose say over money You can read eFocus on this link.

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Everyone is expecting a General Election in the next few months. Liberal Democrats have been preparing for this and have selected candidates in most seats. Here's the current state of play in Scotland: Held seats Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross: Jamie Stone MP East Dunbartonshire: Jo Swinson MP Edinburgh West: Christine Jardine MP Orkney and Shetland: Alistair Carmichael MP Formerly held seats Argyll and Bute: Alan Reid (former MP) Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk: Jenny Marr Dunfermline and West Fife: Rebecca Bell Gordon: James Oates Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Denis Rixson North East Fife: Wendy Chamberlain fights the most marginal ...

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My father is someone I've always thought of as a core Leaver. He once spouted the "Nazi Germany lives on within the EU" line to me – in 2009, so way before this was common currency. He liked Farage/UKIP and felt the Tories under Cameron were too liberal and cuddly. His feelings toward Theresa May were basically that she was trying to get on with delivering Brexit and that was good. Speaking to him yesterday, he's changed his mind. "Having thought about it, the chance to live, work and retire in 27 different countries is huge. Plus, the whole thing ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter of third section:In the green dark of another morning, Annot rose. She laid aside her mantle and her gown of black for petticoats of green, May mourning; mirrorless, she combed her leaf-red hair, and as she braided it all down her back, she sang beneath her breath. " ... and a thought come in her head to run in the wood ... " She left my lord's ring and my lady's baubles—though she traced the earrings with a finger, half-regretfully: her chains became her well. She left her needle in her work, too nearly done: ...

Those of us over a certain age and who live within Merseyside/Liverpool City Region have a card which gives us free bus, train and ferry travel within Merseyside and in some cases beyond it. For example we can go to Chester by train (via Merseyrail) from anywhere within Merseyside for nothing but there are two direct train services from Liverpool to Chester. There's the long standing one via Merseyrail along the Wirral Line but in very recent times a 2nd route has been added from Lime Street Station to Chester. And you may by now have guessed what my query ...

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When car-crash politics proves such irresistible and distracting theatre, it is even more important to maintain a focus on our central, generational challenge - what is most important – the prevention of climate and ecological breakdown, whatever happens with Brexit. Some might say that it is all one 'struggle', and double down on traditional party tactics and loyalties. But what if they were wrong? What if this extraordinary moment calls for equally unusual political creativity and new ways of working? The Lib Dems are riding high with their uncompromising stance against Brexit, and like Labour's motion for a Green New ...

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Cable: Psychiatric vacancies demand annual workforce plan Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Vince Cable has called for the Secretary of State for Health to produce an annual workforce plan following a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists which reveals one in ten consultant psychiatric roles are unfilled. Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Vince Cable said: With children not accessing treatment and with psychiatrists under huge amounts of pressure due to staff shortages, the Conservative Government does not have a grip on the serious situation in mental health services. Today's survey is another example of how the Conservatives plans for ...

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[IMG: Start your day with gratitude] Most mornings I wake up feeling utterly grumpy at the long list of things to do that lie ahead of me for the day. This is followed by a long sigh when I have to... The post Start your day with gratitude appeared first on @ambitiousmamas.

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With the schools now closed for the October holidays, my usual weekly ward surgeries do not recommence until after the school holidays. However, I can still be contacted on any local issues or concerns through my e-surgery - just e-mail Surgeries recommence on Monday 21st October - surgery details are available here. I can also be contacted at home at any time on 459378 and also during office hours at my Dundee City Council office on 434985.